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Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing is located in Keyan Avenue, near the south market of China Textile City; Around Jinghu, keyanlu town and other attractions, travel convenience.
The hotel covers an area of 146 mu, with a total construction area of more than 51000 square meters. It has a multi-functional main building, entertainment city, VIP Building, large parking lot and other supporting facilities. The buildings are combined in the form of Jiangnan traditional courtyard. It is a garden style standard hotel with unique water town characteristics and local customs.
The hotel has more than 200 guest rooms, independent business buildings, conference centers with different functions, Chinese and Western restaurants and bars with different styles. Among them, the large banquet hall can accommodate 500 people at the same time, which can meet your banquet needs of different levels.
Large high-end entertainment city, not only has a multi-functional performing hall, KTV box, beauty center, fitness center, chess and card room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, all kinds of ball facilities, surrounded by Keyan, Jianhu, Luzhen three scenic spots and outdoor golf driving range, it is a good place for you to enjoy leisure and show your personality after intense work.
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FAQs when booking at Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing.

  • Does Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing?

    Each costs cny88 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing?

    The room prices is from cny590, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • Eileen . W
    Very good environment
  • e01589793
    not bad
  • fierce888
    The location of the hotel is great! There is a door on the first floor leading to Keyan scenic spot, which is 5 minutes' walk. There are joint tickets to buy Keyan scenic spot in the lobby. The price of 70% off is very good. Take two left turns outside the gate to reach Qiaobo ski resort. Drive for 5 minutes and walk for less than 20 minutes. There are few people at the ski resort around 3:30 p.m. and the primary runway should be a private venue, ha ha. The garden scenery of the hotel itself is good. There are bicycles and children's scooters for rent, and a badminton field. It's very good. The indoor swimming pool is 29 ℃ warm water, which is open at a constant temperature for 24 hours. I took my children to swim for a while at 8:30 in the morning. The temperature is suitable. I like it! The hotel attendants were very friendly. If you have any questions, call the front desk and reply quickly. The breakfast is good, and the buffet on Saturday night tastes OK, but there are too many people. Hehe, the Yuewei view in the hotel is recommended. It tastes good, the price is not expensive, and the cost performance is high. We have ten people at a table, including all kinds of white cut chicken, barbecued pork, roast duck, vinegar fish, steamed bream and fish head soup. A table is full, and the dishes are just 600 yuan. An old snack is very delicious! Mom said she would go again when she was free. It's very suitable for parent-child travel.
  • e00945678
    The hotel has good facilities and large rooms, just beside the scenic spot. It has a good cost performance. It will stay next time.
  • aiwojiujiu
    It's good for non holidays.
  • jessiejen
    Very good. The price is not expensive. I'll choose here next time
  • cmelcj
    The location is good, the nearest place to rest and eat after skiing, and the Chinese restaurant is very good.
  • LYL82
    Very good overall. I'll stay next time
  • jbyiiiii
    The room was ok, the service was good. In Keyan scenic spot.
  • lmds168ww
    just so so
  • cf981019
    Five star, but slightly imperfect: the room is too rigid to check in at 14:00, but it can only play around first when it arrives early. Breakfast for children under 1m is free, usually 1.2m, which is not humanized. It's close to Keyan scenic spot and far away from the city center. There's no place to go at night, no singing bar and so on. Overall satisfied, but slightly worse than before.
  • lanponiang
    The hotel is located in Keyan scenic area. It is quiet around and there are many tourists in the peak tourist season, which has a little impact on the environment. However, the catering of the hotel is very distinctive. The dishes of the Yue Palace are really good. The hotel service is very considerate. There is no rental. The hotel has arranged vehicles to the destination. Thank you!
  • paul1881
    not bad
  • e00774295
    It's definitely worth recommending. Everything is perfect. I'll stay next time. Next to the hotel is the famous Keyan scenic spot.
  • cacsc
    very good
  • paceno
    It's close to the ski resort. I booked a luxury room and was promoted to the executive room. I feel very good overall. The service still needs to be improved. Buffet dinner is also cost-effective. Breakfast is average and needs improvement.
  • answer00lena
    If you go to Keyan scenic spot, the hotel location is good, very convenient and worth recommending. The hardware facilities of the hotel are average, which can't meet the five-star standard. The bed is too soft and uncomfortable; Breakfast is not good, the variety is too monotonous; The WiFi signal of the hotel is too poor to use, and the staff service management can not meet the five-star standard.
  • san333s
    Friends who come to Shaoxing to visit Keyan strongly recommend this hotel. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to the scenic spot. And the hotel facilities are better, breakfast varieties are OK, the room is big, the bed is more comfortable. It's my third check-in. The front desk service needs to be improved, the service is not smiling, it's more mechanized, and the attitude is not very good. The hotel is still very good.
  • anniewang728
    Very good
  • e03676382
    The environment is good, the facilities are also very good, very clean, and the price is not expensive.
  • lostguy
    it 's not bad
  • dreamworld2000
    When you go to Shaoxing, you will choose Jianhu, which is very comfortable
  • e00143548
    Home hotel. With superior geographical location, high service level and rich breakfast, it is worth going again.
  • fesi88
    The hotel is good. It's very close to the scenic spot. Accommodation and leisure kill two birds with one stone. It's suitable for the conference. The room is very good, the facilities are also good, but the broadband signal is not good, the mobile phone can't get on the Internet.
  • Ammy88
    The hotel environment is very good, but the service level needs to be improved. The waiter even served the wrong table. It took an hour and a half for lunch from waiting to serving. Breakfast was not five-star at all.
  • cfy3388
    Generally speaking, it's good. The room is very spacious, but the air conditioning effect is not good! The surrounding environment is good, very quiet! It's suitable for vacation. I was supposed to go swimming, but I didn't know what the swimming pool was cleaning until I booked it! I went swimming nearby. '
    In the scenic area, the location is good and the environment is good. It's close to Qiaobo ice and snow world.
  • army862050
    Not bad, very cost-effective!
  • alwong688
    Very good
  • AnitaLo
    The hotel's WiFi is not connected at all. Compared with the five-star hotel, it doesn't match. There is a large flow of people at breakfast, but the reception capacity is insufficient. Many dishes, even snacks and milk, have been eaten up. The service level of the hotel is not good, up to three stars. The swimming pool can't even match 2 stars, and the service is very poor. The only thing that feels good is the surrounding environment of the hotel.
  • cpaliucp
    OK, how long to choose!
  • E02646773
    It's cost-effective, but the room is too far from the lobby. The hotel's self-service is not good, the taste of yueweiguan is very good
  • leemiaoyi
    The environment is good, the living is also good, recommended!
  • lucybb
    Poor sound insulation
  • a623682943
    I went with my family last year and forgot to comment! ha-ha. The location of the hotel is very good, close to the scenic spot. The hotel is just a little way out. Stay in the hotel, and preferential tickets can be provided. Taking the elderly and children to the scenic spots is very easy and not tired. The restaurant in the hotel is also good. If you need to eat something else, you need to take a taxi. You can get to a busy road in about 10 minutes. The road name has been forgotten. There are several restaurants on the road. You can choose one to eat. You can also search for public comments. Overall, it's good. It's just a pity that I can only stay for one night, because other scenic spots are in the urban area.
  • ttcne
    It's not bad. It's next to Keyan scenic spot, suitable for self driving.
  • jf0308
    The first-class environment is integrated with Keyan scenic spot. The food in the restaurant is delicious and cheap. It is a five-star experience with absolute value at the price of less than 400 including double morning
  • jinyewumian1979
    The hotel is good and the facilities are also good. You can consider it.
  • codeis_2df
    The hotel is good and the supporting facilities are also very good. The Chinese restaurant is very affordable and tastes good
  • jasontan2008
    The hotel facilities are very good, the room is very big, and the sanitation is OK. Should we have more kinds of breakfast?
  • deepBlueOcean
    The hotel is OK. It's comfortable to stay often
  • jannysa
    Good experience! Good environment, good room
  • anna2046
    Everything else is fine, that is, the air conditioner suck up, and the air conditioner is not big enough.
  • Bennin
    The hotel is very good, especially at ordinary times. The price is cheap and the surrounding scenery is also very good..
  • fengyun007
    Just walk away from the scenic spot, the environment is good, and the room layout in person is quite childlike. Children like it. The dishes in the restaurant are expensive, and the tomato and egg soup is 22 yuan. Imagine it, everything else is pretty good!
  • banruoyuan
    Flying is good
  • xmmuer
    Next to Keyan scenic spot, it's very convenient to walk. There is no food nearby. We need to drive out. The more delicious the dishes are, the more oily they are. Besides, the hotel has good facilities, but the 'soft facilities' are really bad. The waiters are very unprofessional and have a poor attitude. After a few sweats at dinner, they ask questions not only without guidance, but also perfunctorily. Breakfast is 4 stars.
  • ex207
    At the entrance of the scenic spot, the greening is very good, the hotel buffet is very delicious, the children like it very much, it is very quiet inside, and it is a good place for vacation.
  • lanoot
    It's a good choice to stay in this hotel for vacation and tourism. The service and sanitation are very good. The waiter in the hotel called me a taxi with his own mobile phone. The only thing to note is that the hotel is too far from the city center.
  • georgia
    The hotel facilities are well prepared, but the service needs to be improved. There were not enough waiters for breakfast and no one cleaned up the dishes. The rent for borrowing a bicycle is 20 yuan, but the deposit is 1000 yuan. Fortunately, the front desk service only has a good attitude and is happy to sit down. When entering Keyan scenic area, the QR code was invalid for some reason. Fortunately, the staff at the entrance of the scenic area helped.
  • ousen
    The hotel environment is very good, the floor is not high, but it has the feeling of Jiangnan garden, surrounded by green. The service was also very friendly. The luxury room was upgraded for free. There were also small gifts in the hall, which was very suitable for parent-child travel. It's the most suitable tourist to go to Keyan. It's only 85 ~ o (″ '▽' ″) O to buy Keyan tickets in the hall, which is equivalent to subsidizing the room fee. It's very cost-effective
  • nuitari
    In the green setting beside Keyan, there are birds and frogs singing in the morning and evening. The guest room facilities are very good, and the dining room and dinner are also good.
  • goldcloud
    The environment is very good. I eat in the hotel. It's very distinctive. I recommend it!
  • flyingbel
    Not bad, good environment, good service, convenient transportation, you can ride a bike!
  • e05143676
    Good, strong
  • bpwysl4
    The swimming pool is too small, the billing is not flexible enough, everything else is very good, very satisfied!
  • e02040011
    The hotel has excellent scenery, green trees everywhere, and the location is quite quiet. About 5 minutes from the back door is Keyan, and Luzhen is also on the side. It's an excellent place for vacation. The hotel has swimming pool, fitness, ball room, chess and card room, etc. the facilities are quite complete. It's a very satisfactory hotel for vacation
  • daodaodao
    The hotel is located next to Keyan scenic spot. It's quiet in the midst of trouble. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the scenic spot, and you can overlook Keyan in the garden. It's very cost-effective and worth recommending.
  • calvin-lee
    not bad
  • lele073
    very good
  • e00598330
    Very good
  • gesong
    Garden style, good environment, non enclosed, pay attention to safety,
  • danny+86
    Convenient travel and play
  • Ivyfinfin
    Generally do not comment. It's close to the scenic spot, but it's too dirty. I really can't see it anymore. The floor of the room is very dirty. It's 10 o'clock in the evening, so I have to call over to clean up. Such five stars, heartbroken!
  • adaam
    Playing Jianhu is the best accommodation! Children must pay for breakfast. 89 yuan is too expensive!!